Don’t Get Taken For A Ride With The Driver’s License Scams

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Let us take the classic example of a person who is not all that interested in checking his mail every day. He does get on to the internet to stay in touch with family and friends because he is a trucker who covers hundreds of miles every month. For a person like this, a mail from a purported government source could only mean one thing: he has to do something, and he has to do it now! Probably, he has not heard of these scams and gets taken in quite easily. In fact, the scamster knows that he is an easy target and is quite unaware of driver’s license scams because none of his friends have spoken about it. He needs to know how to stay alert and not fall for those threats or statements that are on the email that he receives.

Email From The Government, Or Is It From Elsewhere?

When you look at the email, it looks quite official. There it is telling you that your license has to be verified and that this has to be completed on or before the end of the week. Let’s call this trucker Jim – if Jim does not realize that this is a scam, he is going to give up the information that he is being asked for. What he does not see is that this is a move to get hold of sensitive information like his bank account details and probably the password to open his account. Without realizing this, he submits all that they ask for and then finds out that they have virtually swiped away all that he had, in just one masterstroke. It is only then that he realizes that the mail did not come from the government, but from a fake site that was made to look like the government one.

Writing To The Right Authority Helps

Do not even hesitate when this happens to you; reporting it to the appropriate authority will help not just you, but thousands of others who are being conned in the same way. You could first start by posting it on social media and then think of reporting the address or the link or even the domains that are related to the email that came to you.

There are government agencies who are out there waiting for this report as they would investigate this cybercrime and ensure that it does not happen to you or to anyone else again.


The Expert Behind Your Perfumes – The Perfumer

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All we generally look at when we buy a bottle of perfume is the label and of course the price. We would like to make sure we are buying something that we are going to enjoy wearing and of course, impress people with. Do we give a moment’s thought to the person who has so skilfully brought together multiple aromas and fragrances to create that one clear liquid that we so generously spray on ourselves? We rarely do – this is mainly because we do not even realize that there is a job like this behind those scent bottles that we like to stack up on our dressing tables and shelves. Take a moment to understand what goes on backstage and you will realize that there is quite a lot of effort and skill that goes to create the perfume decant of your choice.

The Perfumer

It would be amusing for you to find out that this person is often referred to in an affectionate way as a nose – basically, it is that part of the human anatomy that plays the biggest role in this industry. This person is skilled in identifying smells, eliminating ones that cannot be included, and selecting those that can either be used on their own or in combination with others. What is important to know is that a perfumer should have a deep understanding of the various elements of perfume and also about the multiple ingredients that go into it. In this field, there are some experts who specialize only in floral perfumes, while there are others who are able to manage and identify other fragrances as well.


To become a consummate perfumer there are a couple of prerequisites that you need to fulfil. To begin with, it would help if you had a rudimentary knowledge of chemistry and biology too. This is a kind of foundation that is required for you to build your knowledge on. Apart from these subjects, pharmacology is also one of the important areas that perfumers are trained on. Though this a field that is quite a niche, there are a growing number of institutes that offer courses in this art, getting more people interested in the fine art of smells and scents.

There are institutes in Thailand and other parts of the world where this course is taught. Basic level information is shared through workshops that are conducted by associations and forums that bring experts in the perfume industry together to create new products.


Handpans And The Mesmerizing Melody That They Create!

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The handpans or hang drums as they are also called are a fascinating musical instrument of this century.

The mesmerizing and captivating melody that it generates has enabled it to gain popularity all over the world. The demand for the product is growing rapidly, but unfortunately, not very many products are available in the market for sale.

This is because skilled artisans who have tons of experience in making them predominantly make these instruments by hand.

One of the biggest advantages that this musical instrument offers the percussionist is a chance to perform without going through the task of spending time learning how to read the chord symbols. The handpans are instruments that can be played without any proper understanding of the notes.

Small variations in the design of these pans and the notes they make have resulted in a few varieties available in the market. These are hang drums, steel slit tong drums, steel pans, tank drums, and space drums. All these instruments can be learned intuitively and can be played without any prior knowledge of the musical notes.

The musical notes or sounds created by these instruments differ in their softness and warmth. This is because they are played using the hands. Each instrument has been tuned to a particular scale in musical terms. The handpans, when struck by the hand creates a highly melodious sound that is distinctly percussive in its tone.

The instrument is generally placed on the thighs while playing. The musician uses his uncovered hands to play, but some percussionists prefer to wear gloves while playing the handpans, particularly if they are playing for long hours. The handpan is a highly intuitive instrument that is tuned to produce specific notes of varying scales. In the hands of a good percussionist, you could get mesmerizing music that would be soothing to the listener.

Street musicians to make a living out of it have also used the handpan widely. The ease with which you can master this instrument and the highly melodious notes that it creates has enabled many musicians to perform on the street to make a living.

The “Hang” the original instrument is a trademark product of PANArt, Switzerland, whereas, the handpan and a few other variations have become a part of the family of this fascinating percussion instrument that is produced by different companies. The scintillating sound that this wonderful instrument creates has popularized this instrument all over the world, and this is bound to grow in the years to come.


What You Should Know About Medicare Supplement Plans 2021

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Have you wondered how many plans are available under Medicare Supplement Plans 2021 that you did not even know existed? Since you have been busy working and running around trying to meet deadlines, you have rarely given much thought to the payment of insurance for your health or anything else. Usually, insurance payments are done directly as a debit from your salary and therefore you do not pay much attention to it. Only when you have reached or rather approach retirement age, you realize that you now have to plan for those medical expenses that could crop up when you least expect them to. It is at this precise moment you feel that you should have paid a little more attention to all that money that was being deducted from your salary towards insurance of some kind.

The Plans

When you are focusing on Supplement Insurance Plans, you will find that these are the available ones: Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. Each of these has specific features and might appear to be quite similar; in reality, they are not. There are certain expenses that can be covered in one plan that does not get covered in another. Most people are familiar with the first three or four plans, but not so acquainted with the others. Instead of trying to find out what each of the plans could do for you, it would be wiser to first list out all your requirements and see under which plan they fit in.

Using An Example

Let us for a moment think that you are going to need regular blood transfusions and that you have to visit a lab or a healthcare centre quite frequently. If you have a plan that does not take care of this, then it is of no use at all. Plans A, B, C, D, F, and G give you 100% of the cost that you will incur when you need to receive a transfusion; here again, this is limited to the first three pints of blood that you get. If you have Plan K, you can get only 50% of the cost and with Plan L, you get up to 75%.

Before choosing supplement plans, it is always better to have a clear understanding of your medical requirements based on your past records. Once you know this, it becomes easier to choose the right supplement plan that will give you the coverage you are looking for.


Sign Up For Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan

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Signing up for an insurance policy is just as important as submitting your resume. With the pandemic throwing quite a few people off balance by making their jobs redundant or non-paying; there is an increasing number of people who are being left high and dry. It is certainly not a good time to be on your own without a job. So, where does this tie in with your sign up with a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan? In your desperation to get things over and done with, you tend to gloss over a few important details, thinking that it is not a problem to be overly worried about.

Oversight Is A Serious Issue

While filling up a form, we have heard our parent say that there should be complete concentration and focus on what you are doing. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There is a tendency to do a couple of other things such as watch television or check your mail or phone and fill-up the form at the same time. This is where oversight can occur leaving you looking and feeling quite foolish when the mistake is discovered. It is something that you have not done wilfully; instead, you have either omitted some info or written it down wrongly. Either way, it is a problem that you have to face the consequences of. This is when you need an authorized representative of Mutual of Omaha to be with you and help you through the submission process.

What Could Be The Fallout Of Misrepresentation?

Like all other crimes, this is one that is punishable by the law too. Of course, everything depends on the severity of the crime and the extent to which a person misrepresents facts, figures, and other relevant details about himself. The issue is that these kinds of misdemeanours come to light only when a person applies for compensation or reimbursement of a claim. Till then, it is quite possible that the insurance company has accepted and recorded all the data about that person in good faith. The worst thing is that in this digital age, all information is made public and shareable. There is no way you keep these things under wraps.

Misrepresentation is never the way out of any situation – giving misleading data while registering for a supplement plan is the worst thing to do.